Behind Martin DePorres on Potrero at 16

Today, January 13, under the full moon, I picked up 10 hot chicken and rice burritos from Yakinku because Marilyn is providing them at half price. Ed Suacci already donated $100 to cover the first 20 burritos. I headed out into the night and 8:30 PM. It was cold but clear after having rain for several days. Behind Martin DePorres on Potrero at 16, was a large camp of homeless people. As I approached, they were rather suspicious but when I said hello and asked if anybody wanted hot burritos, all the tension melted away and only grateful hands were extended. It broke my heart to see how in need these people are and it also created a flame of love in my heart to see the gratitude in their faces. Even when I ran out, which was quickly, those who didn't get any food said "thank you for coming". Such generosity of spirit from people who have nothing compared to the rest of us. I'm the one who's blessed.

Thank you Marilyn. Thank you Ed.

Nelson Barry III