July 24, 2018, Lava Mae Pop-Up Care Village Event

While Lava Mae, www.lavamae.org, has been producing its Pop-Up Care Village for several years, today was Urban Angels SF’s first experience contributing to this worthy project.

Lava Mae brings mobile showers complete with toilets to unhoused folks from the streets of San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.

Urban Angels SF, www.urbanangelssf.com, started by Nelson Barry III in 2015, was thrilled to donate its collection of preowned clothing to this event which lasted from 10 AM to 2 PM on the Fulton Street side of San Francisco’s Main Public Library. Three hundred and forty nine “guests” were able to attend and take advantage of the myriad of services and offerings.

Nelson and his team unloaded mountains of plastic bags bulging with clothing from the U-Haul they had rented the night before. Tarps and blankets were laid out on the lawn outside San Francisco’s Main Public Library and soon were covered with mens’ and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

Urban Angels SF was not the only service offering love and help that day. Among the contributors were other volunteers offering food, haircuts, medical, dental and veterinary care, books from the library, listeners who sat with the guests and listened to them and, of course, showers. All these services were free.

The Pop-Up Care Village is organized by Lava Mae’s Jamie Ramirez. Jamie had  told Nelson that her previous pop-up events, clothing donations were exhausted by midday. But with Urban Angels SF adding to the supply, there was plenty for everyone.

Also present was Lava Mae’s founder, Doniece Sandoval so she and Nelson, the leaders of their two respective organizations had the privilege of being in service shoulder to shoulder along with an abundance of their volunteers. An immediate bond of support and respect formed between the two teams that will insure ongoing collaborations. See Doniece here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7MPMR41vHI



Nelson Barry III