July 30, 2018 Meeting Miracle Messages

Nelson hosted Urban Angels SF’s volunteers at Go Go 7, the Korean restaurant where owner Marilyn creates the burritos we deliver every two weeks to the unhoused on our streets.

At that event, Jessica Donig, of miraclemessages.org, explained to attending volunteers how her nonprofit puts the homeless in touch with loved ones with whom they want to resume contact. Jess handed out the form that Miracle Messages uses to record the individual’s personal information and that of the relative or friend they are seeking to find. It is a challenging task. Many of San Francisco’s street folks don’t want to contact their loved ones or don’t know how to locate them, she explained.

In addition, many of the unhoused don’t own cell phones which makes contacting them nearly impossible.

But we took their form anyway. And two nights later Wednesday, August 1, on our regular burrito run, we asked all the 50 + street folks we visited if they wanted to contact a relative or friend. One did. We were delighted to get this gentleman’s information down on the Miracle Messages form and deliver it to Jessica who was also thrilled.

This is the third nonprofit Urban Angels SF has established links with, the first two being Lava Mae and Project Homeless Connect, all for creating as seamless as possible transition from the streets to permanent housing.


Nelson Barry III