School Supply Drive

In August of 2019, the manager of the San Francisco’s eight homeless shelters request that Urban Angels SF provide school supplies for 130 homeless elementary school children. This is our story of how we did so in just 14 days.

January 6 Angel Run

Angel Run January 6, 2019 with Victoria, Francine & Kate.  

January 26 Sort & Fold

Sort & Fold Pot Luck on January 26, 2019 with Francine, Denise, Kate, Meagan, Jen, Catherine, Frank, Wendy and Nelson.

February 19 Pop Up Care Village

Pop Up Care Village on February 19, 2019 with Nelson III, Nelson IV, Elenor and Victoria

UASF Volunteers Helping a Man in Need

UASF Volunteers Encounter a Man Suffering from Hypothermia due to being caught in the rain for over a week. What they do next is truly amazing.