Support in Transition

the Homeless of

San Francisco



To sustain the homeless of San Francisco while they are in transition from living on the streets to safe permanent housing. Our volunteers provide sustenance by delivering hot food, water and clothing and they help the transition by referring individuals to the organizations that provide the particular service(s) that the individual needs.



That the volunteers of Urban Angels SF make a personal connection with each of our clients to bring a sense of humanity to an inhumane crisis while actively supporting and assisting them in their transition to sustainable living conditions. We do this:

       1.   By providing food, clothing and water to our clients to free them up from the daily struggle of surviving to be able to devote more time and attention to securing sustainable living conditions. 

       2.  By our volunteers addressing and treating our clients with respect and love; we shake their hands, we look them in the eyes, we ask their names, we ask how they are doing and ask if they have any specific needs and whenever possible, we assist them in getting to the agency, program or resource that is best able to address those needs. 

       3.  By our volunteers assisting our clients one-on-one on an ongoing basis to shepherd them as they transition from the streets to sustainable housing and/or to help them take advantage of the currently-existing social services provided by government, NGOs, charities and individuals. 

       4.  By addressing the homeless in San Francisco on a one-on-one basis, one individual at at a time, we dramatically increase the odds of someone actually making it off the streets and being able to continue to enjoy a roof over their heads, hot food in their stomachs and opportunities to receive treatment, support, counseling, guidance and empowerment. Our one-on-one continued support for our homeless brothers and sisters is what makes Urban Angels SF truly unique. 


 “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 

Maya Angelou



In 2015, Urban Angels SF started as “Clothing + Drive” which collected money to buy hot burritos to hand-deliver while they were still hot to the homeless living on the streets of SF. It immediately became clear that there was also a great need for warm clothing so a clothing drive blossomed. As more funds became available, we were able to buy bottled water and deliver it to many dehydrated people. 

In the fall of 2015, Nelson and the other volunteers saw the potential for having a greater impact on this inhumane situation in our city by becoming a 501(c)(3) which was done. This set in motion the formal organizational structure and provided a space for more volunteers and donors to be part of and support this vitally important work. 

Today, Urban Angels SF is well-positioned to expand its outreach by being better funded, having more volunteers and by creating partnerships and alliances with many of the other local organizations that are also working to relieve the suffering that is so inherent in being homeless in our city. 


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